2017 really was an unbelievable year in digital marketing. From virtual reality and machine learning to Google algorithm updates; 2017 had it all.

We’ve kept track of every week’s big news item with our weekly 1-thing blog posts, which our team have dug through to compile the 10 biggest pieces of digital marketing news items from last year… all in one post.

1. How virtual reality (VR) is going to change your business

Facebook’s own virtual reality company, Oculus, announced two exciting new updates which will change the way you do business.

And if you think that virtual reality (VR) isn’t relevant for what you do or sell – you’re wrong. There are very, very few businesses that can’t be enhanced by VR, and it’s not as far away as you might expect.

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2. Google moves us into an ‘AI first’ world.

Towards the end of last year Google released 8 new or updated AI devices which feature Google assistant, from smartphones to laptops to cameras and more.

It’s clear that we’ve already begun to move into a world where voice search and artificial intelligence will play a huge role.

Read more here.

3. Ahrefs Study: Featured Snippets Are Stealing Significant Traffic

Featured snippets was one of the most spoken about themes at Pubcon 2017 in Las Vegas (which members of our team attended), which makes this study by Ahrefs especially relevant.

Read more here (included crucial stats).

4. Consumers are 64% more likely to buy after watching branded video content.

desktop and Gopro

Video really needs to be a core aspect of your content strategy.

In the words of Logan Young from Blitzmetric: “It’s all about video – video is the best way to tell a story, which is the best way to sell a product.

Read more here.

5. HTTP Sites: You Have Been Warned

At the time of the above post being written, it was just a warning. But 2018 has begun, and we’re seeing websites who haven’t migrated to HTTPS suffer. You were warned…

Read more here.

6. The future of Search: Google Lens

In October last year we saw the official release of Google Lens: an incredibly advanced an intelligent app which provides data using visual analysis (by simply pointing your phone at something). This stuff is seriously revolutionary…

Read more here.

7. Google Releases New Algorithm: Fred

What kind of year would 2017 have been without a Google Algorithm update? The Fred algorithm was launched in March last year, and mostly came down on websites with perceived low quality content.

Read more here.

8. Whatsapp for Business is Coming Soon

We’re so close to the official launch of Whatsapp Business! You can download the updated beta version of the app in Google’s Play Store here. However it looks like it’s only available for Android phones (unless anyone can prove us wrong on that?)

Read more here.

9. Facebook release “Watch”: Their own online video network

Facebook Watch on mobile

The release of Facebook’s Watch last year was just another reminder of how powerful a force Facebook is, and how they intend to keep users within their ecosystem (by providing users with pretty much everything they need. Sort of what Google is already doing).

Read more here.

10. Google Adwords Introduces Remarketing to YouTube Viewers.

Here’s a stat: people are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a branded video. This is why it was such a big deal when AdWords announced that marketers could re-market their text ads to appear for people who have watched their videos on YouTube.

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So that’s a wrap folks!

There’ was so much change and innovation to wrap our heads around, but that’s the world of digital marketing. And we don’t expect it to slow down in 2018.

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