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Are you frustrated that your SEO strategy isn’t living up to the hype? Join the club!

We constantly hear stories of companies who have lost faith in SEO due to shady or unreliable practices of their past agencies – the kind of agencies that promise the world (sometimes with a self-proclaimed “we are the number one agency in Australia”), that have mysterious processes (“sorry we can’t share our secret sauce”), and that fail to take responsibility for poor performance.

Ring any bells?

Our SEO management experts have heard it all, and with a decade of experience behind them they’ve seen enough to understand why you’re skeptical of SEO!

We believe the way to make you happy is to be totally transparent in our process, and to educate you as much as possible along the way. Our specialists will work alongside you to set realistic goals (if you’re looking for instant results, PPC may be more your thing) and to develop strategies that work for you in the long term.

Our specialist SEO management services are proven, trustworthy and – best of all – effective. We cut through the, um, smoke and mirrors, and work one-on-one with your business to implement an SEO strategy that delivers what it promises!

In a nutshell, here’s how we work:
  • Transparency: We aim to deliver the most transparent service possible, by providing you with insight into our methods, seeking your approval before changes are made and most importantly, telling it like it is. You will know exactly what our SEO experts are doing, every step of the way. Every change to your website will be pre-approved. Outreach strategies will be pre-approved. Reporting is detailed and regular. No. More. Mystery.
  • Accountability: You will not deal with a 20-something with next to no professional experience. We are a small experienced team and we intend to keep it that way. You will deal directly with our strategy team, who will communicate with you regularly – sharing the project plan, updating you on progress with comprehensive reporting, sharing new ideas, and responding to your concerns and questions.
  • Standards: We know the rules of the game, the search engine guidelines, the big No-Nos. That’s why we prefer to work within them rather than trying to game search engines for quick wins. We prefer medium-term gains within the boundaries of Google’s guidelines. If you want shortcuts, we may not be the best agency for you.
  • Expert Team: Our strategy team has over 10 years’ SEO experience, executing a gazillion successful hours of SEO magic for international and Australian clients. When you deal with us you deal with SEO professionals, not someone who once did an SEO training course.
  • Flexibility: We are more than happy to integrate with your existing project management processes and the workflow of your other development or marketing teams.
  • Exclusivity: We will gain a deep understanding of your business strategy and competitive edge. So we voluntarily agree to not work with your direct competitors. End of story.

SEO isn’t for the faint-hearted. You need to commit for the medium to long term.

Google now uses social, local, mobile, usability and brand signals in the way that they rank websites. This has lead to many new opportunities for marketers.

Some of these opportunities include:
  • Mobile search (tablet and smartphones)
  • Local search (maps)
  • Universal search (video, image, news etc)
  • Social platforms
  • Blogs, Video & Resources

Essentially, wherever and whenever users are searching for information, SEO has a role to play in getting your content in front of them and drawing them into your sales funnel.

We firmly believe that to succeed with Google you need to stop thinking about Google and start thinking about education-based marketing. Deliver exceptional educational content to users, strategically developed to build trust, generate leads, social shares and links.

With all of our SEO management campaigns, we:
  • Offer a strategic approach where all the research and planning is done upfront (typically in month 1) and approved by you, before implementation (month 2 and onwards).
  • Research the “authority gap”. We determine how much “authority” (as perceived by Google) your competitors have, how much you have, and how can we bridge this gap.
  • Identify opportunities to raise awareness of your brand in search, social and content channels.
  • Execute campaigns that create visibility for your brand, build trust and generate leads.
  • Use a wealth of technical expertise to ensure your website conforms to best practice guidelines published by Google and other search engines.
  • Focus on creating trust-building, education-based content that wows users and strategically draws them closer to becoming leads.
  • Interact authentically and within the spirit of your brand, on relevant social media channels.
  • Develop clean, white-hat link building and outreach strategies (based on your interesting content).
  • Provide recommendations for conversion optimisation.

Our Approach

  • Detailed Website Audit: Best served with a bottle of shiraz, this is typically a 40 to 50 page document that uncovers the nuts and bolts of your current SEO solution and identifies opportunities for enhancing onsite, offsite, social and content performance.
  • Keyword Analysis: With heads firmly wedged in our thinking caps, we delve into key themes within your industry to establish what people are searching for and whether your site and content are positioned to address their needs.
  • Competitor Analysis: We examine your competition to determine the “authority gap” between your business and theirs, and evaluate what they’re up to with SEO, content and social media.
  • Onpage Planning: This includes specific onsite actions to be approved by you and executed on your website.
  • Content Planning: If you want to outsmart your competition, this is where the magic happens. The content plan includes strategic education-based content to be produced over the first quarter.
  • Link Planning: This is where we close the authority gap. We develop a custom link development and outreach program for the first quarter, including a schedule of link-building activities.
  • Social Planning: The social plan ensures you’re sharing your relevant and informative content with your social audience 24/7.
  • Technical Optimisation: Potentially insomnia-ending recommendations yes, but adding awesome content without addressing critical geeky issues is like trying to fill a bucket with holes in it. Plug the holes first.
  • Content Development & Editing: Developing awesome content as per the strategic content plan. Clearly, keyword stuffing is foolish, but a clever sprinkling of the right keywords throughout your copy can improve relevancy.
  • Link Development: This is less about building links and more about building relationships and engaging with particular webmasters who should already be linking to your awesome content.
  • Backlink Removals: We will stomp out those dodgy links by contacting webmasters individually and notifying Google that you don’t want certain links to apply.
  • Social Sharing: Keeping a relevant, consistent and engaging presence on social media.
  • Reporting: Feedback on traffic, rankings, conversions, past month’s execution and plans for the next month.

But if you’re outside these areas or even outside Australia we’re more than happy to make our meetings online.

Contact us about our SEO Management Services on (02) 8766 0468 or make an online enquiry below.

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