We know your #1 focus is results, and ours is too!

We specialise in SEO, PPC ("pay per click", otherwise known as Google Ads or SEM), content marketing, user experience, analytics and dashboards. We use these tools to help our clients achieve their business dreams.

CleverClicks was founded in 2006 and was born of our CEO’s passion for helping business owners achieve their goals.

The rise of search engines had flipped the marketing game on its head and made it possible for business owners to engage in a more efficient type of marketing – one where the customer comes to you.

This ‘inbound’ method of digital marketing presented a world of new opportunities and ways for business owners to grow their business while spending less on advertising.

This remains our #1 focus and every member of the CleverClicks team is 100% invested in our clients’ success.

Learn More About:

Our Culture

Happy people work better. We make sure CleverClicks
is a truly exceptional place to work. 

Why Choose Us

Transparency and results. We tell you what we're
going to do, and we do it. Then we let the results
do the talking. 

Our Learning Focus

At CleverClicks we expect all our employees to dedicate time to developing new skills and keeping up with the latest news and trends - and they love it!

Why We Do It

It started with a eureka moment in 2006: a search engine can transform a business! Traditional marketing would never be the same. And CleverClicks was born.

Our Team

Find out about more about the CleverClicks team 
and meet each talented member.

Our Worldwide Office

CleverClicks has offices in Australia, Canada and
South Africa. We’re masters of remote work and
can help you no matter where you are in the world.

How We Work

We start with one clear aim: to help business owners and marketing managers, like you, perform better.

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