Most company’s values are words they’ve hung on the wall and then forgotten about, only to be dusted off and revisited on team-building days and in annual newsletters (if they even get this far).

Not ours.

Our values live and breathe and are tended to daily. Yes, daily. They’re a part of everything we do, from our meetings to our work to the way we have fun. Every week we nominate and celebrate the individuals who have embodied our values best, and every employee is evaluated on them in their monthly reviews.

All our values were decided upon together, by our whole team, and are the words we live by, however, unlike many other companies, our values are ‘stretch’ behaviours. That’s why things like “honesty” don’t make the cut. We are not constantly aspiring to be more honest/loyal/kind/trustworthy. That’s just a given!

The CleverClicks Core Values…

  • Deliver Results

Results are our #1 focus and, no matter what we’re doing, we keep the end goal in mind from start to finish.

We’re not into being ‘busy,’ we’re into doing things that move the needle. In digital marketing there are always a million things you ‘could’ be doing, but our strength is focusing on the right things in the right order, to achieve maximum results.

  • Make It Simpler

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Clean it up, strip it down and make it simple.

  • Challenge and be Challenged

We’re always looking to challenge ideas, systems, status quos and each other.

Being a member of the CleverClicks team means you’re up for a challenge; are not afraid to challenge others and, most importantly, are always open to being challenged.

  • Focus on one thing

There is no such thing as multitasking.  We value the practice of focusing on one thing at a time and ensuring that it’s the single most valuable thing we could be doing with our time. Only once it’s been completed do we move on to the next most important thing, leaving a stream of completed tasks in our wake. It’s how we get things done faster and do them better.

  • Get Busy Growing

We’re obsessed with growth. Not only growing our clients’ businesses, but also growing ourselves as individuals. 

As a team, we’ve dedicated ourselves to continual learning and growth, both personal of professional. We give all our team members’ time to learn new things, whether that’s through an online course, an international conference or extra responsibility in your role.

As a member of CleverClicks, you will never stop growing.

Our values are an important part of how we do things.