Ever on the forefront of breaking technological advances, Google’s recent focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) has turned a futuristic prospect into something available in the here and now.


It starts with their virtual assistant, Google Home. You can tell Google Home to “turn off the lights” or “order more almond milk” or even “read me my schedule for the week ahead and book me a haircut at 3:45 on Thursday” and it’ll gladly oblige.

Now, Google have just released 8 new or updated AI devices which feature Google assistent, from smartphones to laptops to cameras and more.

Nearly all of these new products are designed to integrate with other Google devices and work seamlessly together. For example, you can put Google Home Mini devices in every room of the house and then “broadcast” messages intercom-style to your household via your Google Smartphones while driving home from work. A horrifying thought.

At Google’s ‘Made By Google’  event on October 4th they made no bones about the fact that they’re aiming to beat Amazon in the battle for the Smart Home (Amazon have ‘Alexa’) and overtake Apple in the battle of Smartphones (Google have released Pixel).

Watch this space.

Why Should You Care?

This is the future, people. The not-so-very-distant future. These smart devices – which are already available – are going to change the way people search the internet and how they shop for things.

As a business owner, this is going to affect your marketing strategies and is going to make it even more important to keep an eye on changes in search trends and language (we already know that people use different search queries when they speak instead of type).

When AI is a household item your online presence is going to become more important than ever, so keep an eye on this one, guys. We certainly will be.


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