We hate to let you relive 2020, but there were interesting 1thing blog posts that just have to be read again! As various factors will determine how your website ranks on Google, it is best to give these 1thing posts a read. Don’t worry, we will still inform you when hot, fresh off the press SEO news is released ????.

Title: Apple may open its doors to third party apps

Description: Apple users will be thrilled to know that Apple might soon be allowing third party apps on their devices. Users have the ability to switch their default browser to Chrome instead of Safari. What more can this change mean?

Title: Google Guidelines on FAQ markup

Description: The tightened guidelines for FAQ Schema now prohibits using repetitive questions and answers on various FAQ pages on a business website. 

Title: How to manage your online presence during COVID-19: The ultimate checklist

Description: We were all unprepared on how best to deal with business during a pandemic. This article gives some suggestions on how to maintain your online presence in a time of crisis. 

Title: Facebook and their family of apps are changing the E-commerce industry

Description: As like many local businesses, social media is also adapting to the pandemic and trying their best to help businesses. Facebook has begun changing the e-commerce industry, here’s how. 

Title: User experience to become a Google ranking factor

Description: Google has made user experience a ranking factor, and the experience is based on many little factors. This article best explains how you can make sure your website user experience is up to Google’s standards.

Title: Cumulative Layout Shift to Become a Google Ranking Factor

Description: Another Google ranking factor, cumulative layout shift (CLS). This element might sound confusing, but the article explains everything you need to know about CLS and how best you can prepare to keep ranking high. 

Title: How using Google My Business Messaging Can Improve Brand Loyalty

Description: Google has rolled out nifty new features on Google My Business that has the potential to increase brand loyalty for your business. The new features can be valuable to your business in addition with your GMB profile. 

Title: Google Responsive Search Ads are getting more features

Description: Ads, Ads and more Ads – but with a new feature: image extension ads. This new feature shows that Google is actively investing in the format and that Responsive Search Ads are going to be around for quite a while. 

Title: Capture leads from Youtube by using Google Ads

Description: YouTube is a fantastic source to capture leads as it helps small businesses to capture and act on more leads. Check out how these lead forms work and what information a business can capture to ultimately increase their sales. 

Title: Become Google Verified on GMB with a Google Guaranteed badge

Description: Being certified on any platform is great, which is why Google My Business is Google has introduced Guaranteed Certification for businesses to add to their GMB profiles for a monthly fee of $50. Is it really worth it though? Read the article to find out what the certification entails. 

Title: ‘People Cards’ to be launched on Google Search

Description: We all want to save the planet, and the best way to start is by cutting out business cards. That does not mean you will not be networking because Google has introduced ‘People Cards’ making it easier to find people’s contact details. Do not be alarmed, people will not stalk you. People Cards are really innovative and has the potential to provide a positive customer journey. 

Title: COVID-19 made easy with Google

Description: companies with a Google my business profile are now able to update the “health and safety” COVID-19 guidelines. Google is making it easier for local businesses to continue their business by making it safe for their customers through GMB. There are various other new features which were implemented and this article explains it all. 

Title: Google’s gift to retailers and deal-seekers, this one is for you!

Description: Google had allowed free and paid listings in Google search in order to compete with Amazon. They are comparison searches as well as faster and more visible promotions, Google has upped its game to allow for smart shopping. Google proved they are committed to helping local businesses continue their work during a pandemic and by providing free and paid listings on Google search, Google continues to support these businesses.

Title: To trust or not to trust: an antitrust lawsuit against Google

Description: Google has a lawsuit against them by the Justice Department for unlawfully maintaining monopolies in the markets for a variety of reasons. Google of course is not too concerned but it could swing in favour of the Justice department. Read this article to find out exactly what this lawsuit is all about and how it can affect Google. 

Title: May 2021: Google Ranking factor changes

Description: in June 2020 Google announced  Page speed would become a ranking factor and in May 2021 this will become into fruition. This post explains what exactly will be ranked and how best to prepare for it. Be sure to ask clever clogs and how we can assist you for this change.

Title: The future is video: YouTube offers traffic source reports

Description: we would all rather watch a Netflix movie or a documentary or even listen to a podcast then actually reading a book, this is why YouTube has now introduced traffic source reports. As a creator these reports are extremely beneficial and as a viewer you would appreciate these reports as you get exactly what you want from YouTube. Find out more about what these reports entail. 

Title: Expand your ad reach by collaborating with influences easier

Description: influences have become the new celebrity. Brands work with influences to promote their products or services and collaborating with influences have become a whole lot easier. Brands are able to collaborate with influences in a three step process: by sending the request to the influencer, the request is accepted for the ad creation, and the influencer approves the ad. This is a unique way for brands to create brand awareness as using influences allow brands to target various demographics. Read this post to see how you can start collaborating with influences.

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