A seemingly insignificant change that can potentially present major ramifications is possibly on the horizon. It is being said that Apple might soon open the doors of their very closed ecosystem of default apps to third party apps. 

What does this mean?

If you are an Apple user, you might be tired of being forced to face Safari every time you want to open your browser, this change can make your life a little bit easier and expand your options..

This change will also have a significant impact on the lives of App developers. With Apple now allowing apps, like Chrome, to be set as the default browser, developers of these apps will have access to much more data (potentially that of 900 million iPhone users). This includes data on the users’ browsing habits, which in turn, allows for more informed app customisation and better decision making.

Why should we care?

This change, although it seems like it could be a negative for Apple, could actually have a positive impact on Apple’s bottom line. More users might buy Apple devices now, including HomePods, simply because their device experiences are now more customisable, like being able to set Spotify as your default streaming app on the HomePod.

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