YouTube has always been the go-to for many DIY projects, tutorials or just pure entertainment. Creators will be pleased to know YouTube is getting an update with new reports that show how viewers are experiencing their videos. 

What does this mean?

As explained by Creator Insider, the new traffic source report will explain where viewers are finding videos as well as which videos are underperforming or overperforming. This will give the creator an idea of what content to create for their viewers. 

As blurry as the image below is, it shows how the report lists the traffic source with the percentage of views each traffic source has generated as well as the total number of viewers from each source.  This can be found in YouTube studio and has now been released worldwide.

Image source: Creator Insider Channel

These traffic reports include various analytics:

  1. Subscription feed
  2. YouTube recommendations from YouTube Home and Up Next (as creator videos are found from various sources)
  3. Channel pages 
  4. Other

Unfortunately, YouTube has not defined the sources under ‘other’ but the assumption is these sources may include random placements such as viewers clicking on the video link through the comment sections. 

Small disclaimers were made by the Creator Insider as they stated that if a creator sees:

  •  A green arrow pointing upwards refers to the performance of the traffic source is better than before. 
  • A dash or no indicators by their performance, it simply means that there was not enough historic data from the traffic source. 
  • A grey arrow pointing downwards refers to the performance of the traffic source is underperforming compared to the number of viewers the source usually generates. 

Another YouTube update

Creator Inside announced another YouTube update, the launch of the YouTube Audio Library which is bound to make the lives of creators much easier.

The YouTube Audio Library is featured in the YouTube studio and has a collection of over a thousand free songs and sound effects for creators to use.

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

By providing creators with this new feature it ensures their videos will not receive any copyright strikes for using licensed sounds as all these sounds are free and provided by YouTube. This sure does simplify the process a whole lot! And that is not all – eligible creators will be able to fully monetize their videos when using audio from the YouTube Audio Library. 

Why do we care?

As more people sit at home seeking answers on YouTube, businesses can capitalise on this easier by offering and explaining their products or services even better than before.

With this new feature, businesses can see where the traffic is coming from and what sort of content viewers prefer. YouTube is a great way to explain your point of view, gain exposure and a potential goldmine for capturing leads, read about it here

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