Stay on top on the biggest developments in digital news. We choose the ‘1 thing’ we think you should know about. This week it’s: Instagram overtakes Twitter
If you haven’t already joined the wonderful world of Instagram, it’s about time you jump on board. For the first time in history, Instagram has beaten Twitter as the second most popular platform for advertisers and their social media campaigns.

Instagram has hit 400 million monthly active users making it second place, after Facebook of course, in the social networking community.

Instagram has also reached more than 200,000 advertisers compared to Twitter’s 130,000. It took only nine months for the photo-sharing app to overtake Twitter and gather its latest 100 million users!

According to a recent survey by Strata, a ComCast platform service, 66% chose Instagram as their platform of choice compared to 56% who chose Twitter; Facebook dominated the ranking with 96% of advertisers choosing the social media network for their campaign.

Why should you care?

As Instagram grows in popularity it becomes important for brands to keep up with their customers and increase visibility where it matters most.

Whether that involves creating an account for business or advertising on the platform (or both), Instagram is not a social network that can be ignored.

If you want to be where the audience is we suggest you get started with creating your Instagram profile. Once you start getting the hang of uploading photos and gathering followers you should definitely add Instagram to your advertising campaign. The number of users and popularity is only growing!

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