Continuous learning makes up a massive part of our culture here at CleverClicks. From conferences to books to blogs to online courses, each member of our team is engaged in a learning plan that encompasses them all.

Given that hours in a day are limited (and we’re believers in having a life after work), podcasts are a firm favourite among our team. They allow one to soak up some knowledge while on your daily commute, folding the laundry, or anything else you’re doing on the go.

We’re currently running an internal staff learning competition here (who can read/listen to the most books/podcasts in a month) and thought we’d share some of our top podcast recommendations for those interested in growing the grey matter.

As a digital agency, most are on that theme but there are a couple about others as well.



SEO & PPC: Search Engine Nerds by SEJ.

Search Engine Nerds is professionally produced (unlike many other SEO podcasts!) and suitable for marketers of all levels. Scroll through the list of episodes and you’ll find something for everyone and encompassing every facet of digital marketing. Each episode involves a different industry expert discussing a particular aspect of SEO, Google Ads or search marketing.

Analytics: The Digital Analytics Power Hour by Michael Helbling, Tim Wilson, Moe Kiss.

Upbeat and often very funny conversations discussing questions, challenges, and current trends in analytics. The Podcasts aren’t actually an hour long, the authors say that “due to the Canadian Exchange Rate, shows are only 40 minutes”.

CRO/UX: The UX Podcast by Per Axbom & James Royal-Lawson.

UX (User Experience) and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) is a field in which you will never run out of things to learn. It’s also a fairly broad topic, so some episodes of The UX Podcast go beyond straight-up UX, but scroll through the list of episodes and you’re bound to find handfuls that you’ll want to add to your queue.

Marketing: Marketing Over Coffee by John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn.

There are a million marketing podcasts to choose from, but Marketing Over Coffee is one that you’ll keep going back to. This podcast avoids the trap of just discussing marketing news, they talk about newsworthy developments in the marketing world, but they go a step further and actually give actionable tips and information you can use right away.


Social Media: Social Media Marketing Podcast by the folks at Social Media Examiner.

No matter what your social media goals, you’ll learn something from this podcast. Straight to the point and actionable, these are for anyone – from a social media manager to a CEO interested in learning more.

Content Marketing: Copyblogger FM

Copyblogger FM hosts a range of experts who delve into new and effective ways to improve your content creation and marketing. Topics spans a wide range of topics related to copy and content marketing, so you’ll benefit from it whether you’re a blogger, content strategist or digital marketer.

General Business: HBR IdeaCast by the Harvard Business Review.

The editor of Harvard Business Review (Sarah Green) interviews industry titans, specialists, business experts and more. This podcast is for anyone who likes the content in the Harvard Business Review magazine but can’t find the time to read it.


There aren’t many entire shows dedicated to company culture (watch this space), but we’ve got one great episode to recommend here: Transforming your company’s culture with Marissa Levin.

Wellness: Feel Better, Live More by Dr Chatterjee.

Wellness podcasts can be a little crazy and there is a lot of ‘creative’ health advice out there. Feel Better, Live More is one of the best wellness podcasts there is. Listen in and have a happy, functional, active relationship with your health.


What’s Your Favourite Podcast? Let Us Know Below…

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Outside the office she spends most of her time outdoors or trying to be the ultimate master chef.

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