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The new WordPress 4.5 “Coleman” update!

The new WordPress update has been designed to make content creation and SEO development a lot easier and quicker to allow your technical team to spend more time on the tasks that really matter.

WordPress version 4.5 “Coleman” is finally available for download! This release is named after the American jazz tenor saxophonist, Coleman Hawkins. This is because of his popular song “Body and Soul” which perfectly describes the new version of WordPress. If you listen to the song here you will feel the cool, calm and collected atmosphere that you’ll be experiencing when you use the new WordPress.

Featured improvements:

In-line linking:

Internal linking couldn’t get better with the new in-line linking feature which allows you to interlink your webpages without going back to the editing interface of the page/post you want to change.

Interlinking your pages is important for SEO, as it distributes authority throughout your site.

Now even the most technically challenged can add links without asking a website guru by Simply highlight the text and add the hyperlink.

Formatting shortcuts:

WordPress knows that we all love using shortcodes to make our content creation lives quicker so they added more shortcode features.

These new additions will speed up content publishing and editing, so your technical teams can spend more of their time on the really important tasks rather than drowning in endless code.

Live responsive previews:

As you may know, Google rewards sites that promote a positive mobile user experience.

In light of this, WordPress has added a feature where you can view how your site looks on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices directly in the customizer, making mobile changes easier.

This saves your developers the time and hassle of using 3rd party tool to test device compatibility.

WordPress just got a nifty little face lift which has improved the User Experience, but critically it’s important to keep up to date for security reasons.

This is just another reason WordPress users have to rejoice and non users have to take the leap.


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