Google introduced remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) in June 2013 as a simple and effective way for advertisers to (re)target searchers that have previously visited their website on the search engines. In this post, we will first explain remarketing and then RLSA and its key strategies and benefits.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing also known as behavioural remarketing or retargeting is an advertising method where advertisers can target users based on their past behaviour. Remarketing in Adwords gives advertisers the opportunity to retarget users who have previously visited their website or app.

In cases where users failed to convert to leads or customers – complete a form, buy a product or download an ebook, for example – you can tailor ads specifically to these users, encouraging them to revisit your website or app and to take action.  Remarketing can also be used to retarget existing customers to keep your brand clearly in their mind and having them reconsider your products and services.

What are Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

In the same vein as display remarketing – where users that have previously visited your site have a higher inclination to convert – RLSAs gives advertisers a structured way to increase the conversion rates of their search campaigns while lowering CTRs by targeting users as they conduct search queries on Google. This provides a number of additional benefits over and above traditional search network advertising that include:

  • Improved Conversion Rates – with RLSA you are targeting users that have previously display a qualified interest in your offering and a higher inclination to purchase than standard site visitors.
  • Tailored Advertising – with intelligence visit behaviour, you tailor your messages to specifically speak to the needs of a particular audience and avoid broader communications and generalisations used in typical Adwords advertising.
  • Cost Savings – less budget is wasted on irrelevant clicks.
  • Improve Brand Consideration – keeping your brand constantly visible to your target audience via search engines will increase their consideration of your products and services.

In order for a campaign to be eligible for RLSA, advertisers need to be running enhanced campaigns and have remarketing enabled via either a code snippet or Google analytics.

The two primary strategies for RLSAs are:

  • More keyword targeting scope. As ads only show for users who have previously been to your website, you can target keywords broader or related keywords that you wouldn’t usually target without a major increased risk of lower CTRs and wasted clicks.
  • Optimise for remarketing visitors – Adwords allows you to increase your bid on for remarketing visitors or show them different ads based on their behaviour on your site.

To find step by step instructions to setting up RLSA visit the Adwords help centre.

In this post, we explain what RLSA are, their key benefits for advertisers and the two primary strategies for making the most of them.

By Anthony Coe


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