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Upgrade to Search Network with Display Select for Better Performance | Inside Adwords

Adword’s latest update introducing a new hybrid campaign type that grants advertisers the opportunity to optimise the display aspect of their Search Network with Display Select campaigns. Product manager, Ahmad Anvari advises advertisers to upgrade their Search and Display Networks to reap the rewards of this new feature, which has seen an average CTR increase of 35%.

AdWords Dynamic Parameters: A Sneaky Way to Double Your CTR | Wordstream

Jaclyn Jordan provides a guide to tapping into the power of dynamic parameters, a nifty method for automatically updating your ad text. The benefits she outlines include skipping past the Google ad review process and being organised for last minute promotions.

How to Create a Ferocious Unique Selling Proposition | Wordstream

Dan Shewan provides an insightful post on the importance of businesses having a unique selling proposition and how to formulate one by considering your ideal customer and how to solve their problems. He goes on to explain how your USP can be effectively used within your PPC ads and landing pages – enhancing your customer experience, CTR and conversion rates.

Smarter remarketing with Google Analytics | Google Analytics Blog

To overcome the overwhelming possibilities of remarketing lists, Google has announced the release of new remarketing list: Smart Lists. Smart lists are an automatically generated remarketing list, which utilises Google’s machine learning technology tapping into numerous signals including visit duration, page depth, location, device, referrer and browsers.

Latest SEM Articles from CleverClicks

Writing PPC Headlines People Can’t Help But Click

PPC headlines are your first shot at grabbing searchers attention and motivating them to click through to your website. With only 25 characters to compel users to click through to your landing page, the challenge can be daunting. We provide you with 14 mini strategies to pull this off.

5 Tips for Optimising Your Google AdWords Campaigns

How often the basics are taken for granted. We provide a back-to-basics post on getting your Google Adwords campaigns optimised for glorious success. We consider keywords, ad groups, ad text and images, landing pages and network-specific ads.

9 Strategies for Making the Most of AdWords Remarketing

Have you tried remarketing? Or have you been doing it for a while? Is it winning?  We have compiled a list of 9 strategies – some obvious, some less so – to make the best of your remarketing efforts. We discuss different methods of targeting, using custom combinations and employing seasonal remarketing.

10 AdWords Mistakes We’ve Learnt For You

For this post, we decided to share some of our own experiences with you of common Adwords mistakes that continue to crop up. Learn about common errors in using match types, landing page selection and ignoring the value in conversion tracking.

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