Breaking Down the #1 Barrier to Brand Building Online | Inside Adwords
Neal Mohan deals with how measurement is still a major stumbling block in brands embracing the digital landscape. In a study, conducted by Google last year, only half of the participants felt their brand metrics were effective. Mohan mentions brand lift as method for testing brand campaigns against goals such as ad recall and brand awareness and provides examples of how two companies have effectively used brand lift within their campaigns. Get the low down at Inside Adwords.

PPC Click-Through Rate by Position: Does Rank Matter? [Data] | Search Engine Watch
Jason Tabeling provides a simple post on understanding the relationship between CTR and position by using the scatter plot function in excel. His findings showed that there is a significant drop off from the first 3 positions; there is miniscule traffic volumes after position three and that each campaign is different – the advertiser needs to test it themselves. Read the full post here.

Leverage Attribution Modeling for PPC | Portent
Ryan Moothart provides an insightful post into the importance of using different attribution modelling to refine your PPC strategy. He covers the age old last non-direct click model, the first click model as well as last non-direct click model with the Linear Model. Analysing your PPC performance from different angles, he says, is vitally important to creating a comprehensive PPC strategy. Learn more here.

Google Analytics Summit 2014: What’s Next And On The Horizon For Analytics | Google Analytics
The Google Analytics team introduces what new features advertisers can expect to be presented at the 2014 Google Analytics Summit. These include Enhanced Ecommerce, which provides enhanced insights into the customer journey and behaviour, Flexible & Scalable Reporting – Unified Channel Groupings, Dimension Widening and Custom Tables – as well as a seamless integration between Google Analytics Premium, DoubleClick Campaign Manager and DoubleClick Bid Manager. Read more here.

CleverClicks News

Our founder & MD, Philip Shaw, presented at SMX Sydney on Wednesday on his topic: Improve Your PPC Results With Call, Images & Other Ad Extensions. In his presentation, he covered how to pimp up your ads with a range of older and newer ad extension features, often overlooked by advertisers. You can download his presentation from here and we will throw in a bonus EBook on being successful with AdWords.


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