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Step inside the future of AdWords

Jerry Dischler, VP of Product Management at Adwords, shares some of their latest innovations. These include more advanced ways to promote your app via Adwords platform, including enhanced discovery, easier re-engagement, and enhanced measurement. Drawing from the success of Estimated Total Conversions, Dischler announced that Google will continue to invest in this product. Adwords will also be releasing several enterprise-class tools for bulk actions, automated bidding, advanced reporting and experiments. Watch the video here.

Optimize PPC Conversion Rates Without Touching a Landing Page

Optimising landing pages have long been linked to successful conversion rates.  Sam Owen provides a guide to optimising campaigns for maximum conversion rates without the effect of landing pages. Some of his tips include buying good traffic, optimising your funnel, tracking calls and eliminating inconsistencies.

How Your Average CPC is Lying to You

Eric Coach shows how average CPCs can vary widely at different periods of the day, on different devices, at different locations and as a result of competition. He unpacks the process of measuring standard deviation – to assess the volatility of your Adwords campaigns, keywords and match types – and reengineering your Max CPCs accordingly.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Erin Sagin provides a useful guide to the pros and cons of dynamic keyword insertion (DKI). She indicates that DKI is a good strategy, but not a great one – ads that are highly customised perform the best in most situations. The quick and painless setup of DKI is contrasted to errors that crop up from its unmediated, dynamic nature.

Latest SEM Articles from CleverClicks

Danger Ahead: 8 Dodgy SEM Agency Practices You Need to Be Aware Of

This may be an old theme, but it’s still an important one. We believe potential clients should be aware of the most common dodgy practices to enable them to suss out the industry’s bad apples. We outline 8 dodgy SEM practices including invisible billing, not working for their fees and withholding account access.

In-House vs. Outsourced PPC Management

The decision to conduct PPC in-house or whether to outsource it both have their pros and cons. We outline several reasons for each approach – considering your budget, staff, time, tools, expertise, contacts and market size. Read this post to help you decide whether to outsource or keep your PPC management in-house.

The Anatomy of an AdWords Ad: Ad Copy Best Practices

In this post, we dissect an Adwords down to its fundamental ingredient and consider how each component can be optimised for best cumulative effect. We consider the basic elementals of an Ad, best practices for Adwords Ad Copy – headlines, descriptions, display URLS – as well as matching buyer intent to your ads wherever possible. Read the anatomy of an Adwords Ad

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