Designing Landing Pages When Your Product Is Not Unique | Conversion XL

In Conversion XL’s weekly website review, Tommy Walker analyses the Team Colony website and discusses the concept of designing landing pages when you do not have a unique product. He considers whether its visually clear what is being sold, whether design and copy communicates what makes your business unique, and whether he is being given an authentic reason to take action. Find out more at Conversion XL.

Financial Services PPC Ads: Words That Work | Search Engine Watch

John Gagnon discusses how researchers at Bing Ads provided a study of word usage within the financial services sector to see which keywords and devices performed better.  The key takeaways of the post are to customise search campaigns to each device, sitelinks increase performance in all cases and to continue to test ad copy.

Read more on Search Engine Watch.

How to Form a Remarketing Strategy | PPC Hero

Emma Welland provides a back to basics post for planning a remarketing strategy by using your website and Google analytics to decide who to target, by analysing top visited areas and considering site interaction rates. She also points to the Time Lag report for determining the time from first click to purchase. Read the full post here.

CleverClicks News

7 ½ secrets of a successful landing page

Are you playing Russian roulette with your conversion rate? We explore 7 landing page success factors that can directly affect your profitability. Read the full post here.

Save your PPC ad from humiliation: 5 tips for writing winning ad descriptions

No idea why you have a crummy click-through rate? Optimise your AdWords ad copy to improve CTR, conversions and Quality Score with these five tips. Find out more here.


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