Monday, 28 September

‘Have any great content? Yup! Got any good links? Hmph’. This is how most content/link building conversations start (or end) –if you are even able to broach the subject with your content writer before you have something flung at your head.

Links, as we all know, can be a challenge and are the aim/bane of every content department’s day. Instead of churning out more content in the hope of one day striking link gold, this article by Tom Demers teaches us how to identify and capitalize on ‘link inefficiencies’ to make the most of your existing content.

Tuesday, 29 September

If you’re in the SEO game chances are you spend part of your day elbow deep in data. Usually data you need to somehow collate in Google sheets, which can be a time-consuming and messy task.

Thankfully, there are nifty tricks you can learn to make it a whole lot quicker and easier. Moz has put together a list of super helpful hacks to help scrape and clean your data with Google sheets.


Wednesday, 30 September

You know that old adage; 89% of statistics are a lie (geddit)? Well if you’re familiar with SEO performance reports you know that some days it feels very true.

Metrics can be misleading (and manipulated) if looked at in isolation. Columnist Chris Liversidge addresses this by showing us how to combine metrics for more accurate results in this article for Search Engine Land.


Thursday, 01 October

Honesty, transparency, truth. These three concepts are all the rage right now the content marketing world and they’re being taken to a whole new level.

An article by discusses a lecture by Doug Kessler on the benefits of insanely honest (in the past we would have said ‘too honest’) content marketing and why you need to get your brand on board today.


Friday, 02 October

Emails – whether newsletters, sales or automated lead nurturing emails – are a part of almost every agency’s week and, let’s face it, we know that the majority of thee will never even be opened.

This article by Hubspot has put together 19 shocking email subject line stats which will change the way you think about your subjects; along with pointers on how to improve your open rates and write subjects which get clicked.


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