Monday 21st September

og-image-trendingCleverClicks recently attended the Inbound 2015 conference in Boston, USA. One of our favourite content marketing talks was by Jonah Peretti, CEO and co-founder of a little site called Buzzfeed. In his keynote he touched on how Buzzfeed started, what it takes to produce viral content on demand and how to evolve with the media and your audience. And he’s a pretty entertaining speaker too. Watch the video here.


Tuesday 22nd September

moz-white-thumbnailMeetings: necessary but often tedious (sorry, management). We like to keep them super short and practical in our office and have found that it’s not all that difficult to do. This Moz article summarises a few key tips and tricks for minimizing meetings and squeezing more productive work hours out of the day, even if you’re not the one with the power to set them.


Wednesday 23rd September

Search Engine Land LogoIf you work in the SEO game you’ll probably have found yourself toe to toe with an SEO skeptic at some stage. As hard as it is for us to fathom, there are those who just don’t believe in what we do. This Search Engine Land article teaches us how to convert those non-believers – whether client or boss – to prove the value of our trade and get that all important buy-in.

Thursday 24th September

sprocketIf you’re in the marketing industry you’re probably more familiar with the buyers’ journey than you are with some of your own cousins. However, like all things marketing, as society and social discourse evolves so do the techniques we use to reach people, and this year the buyers’ journey has been part of that number. This article by Hubspot lists 8 trends which are changing the way we look at the buyers’ journey and how we can apply them now.



Friday 25th September

groove_logo_opengraphGroove increased their traffic by 12 046% without the help of any advertising – pretty cool. And now they’re telling us exactly how they did it – very cool. This post by Groove’s CEO and founder, Alex Turnbull walks us through their journey and provides a detailed enough account to allow us to apply these concepts ourselves.




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