Monday 20 July

google-adwordsMost brands see inbound marketing as the best way to reach their target audience, and many of them prefer it to mediums such as PPC. This article by B2C discusses the problems with this mentality and explains why it shouldn’t be a choice, but a collaboration.

The article explains how the crossover between inbound marketing and PPC is the key to better campaign results and goes on to lists the 5 ways you should be using your inbound and PPC campaigns together.

Tuesday 21 July

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You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again: the more blogs you post, the more traffic you’ll get. If we look at the major sites like Hobspot and SEJ we see that they’re publishing as many as 10 posts every weekday, so it obviously works, right?

Well Rand Fishkin wasn’t so sure, or rather, he was curious – which is why Moz and Hubspot have teamed up to measure the effectiveness of quantity blogging. The result?

You can read about it all here… (but I won’t leave you hanging like that).  Both of them had less traffic in the weeks they posted less than average, and in the weeks they posted more than average they received above average results. Back to the keyboard you go.

Wednesday 22 July

SEL LogoSearching for an SEO solution can be somewhat overwhelming, and do you really need to hire an SEO agency anyway? SEL’s article, Talent Vs. Technology delivers a breakdown of some of the things you should take into consideration; helping you decide whether your brand would do better with an agency or a platform.

It starts with a comparison of ‘partners and platforms’ and then goes on to give you a list of detailed questions you should be asking when making this decision. The post ends with a neat infographic for brands to use to help them decide, once and for all, which SEO solution is truly the right fit for them.

Thursday 23 July

Image courtesy of bplanet at FreeDigitalPhotos.netContent marketing is one of the most powerful weapons in a search marketer’s arsenal, and those who use it correctly are able to access the biggest audience on the planet. That being said, any content marketer will tell you that it’s not without its challenges and there are times where it really pays to have a little help.

To point you in the right direction, Search Engine Journal has put together a list of contemporary content marketing tools to help you with your content creation – everything from keyword research to improving your strategy.

Friday 24 July

moz-white-thumbnailThis week’s Whiteboard Friday takes a look at keyword targeting and the values of a ‘floodlight’ vs. ‘pinpoint’ approach.

Moz veteran, Rand Fishkin begins by discussing both of these approaches in detail, before going on to explain how you should go about choosing which one will be more successful for you.


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