Monday, 10 Aug

If you don’t already read Groove’s blog, it’s a good one to try. Especially if you’re a small business owner. This post was a highlight of ours as gives us very honest, very detailed behind-the-scenes access into how they doubled their email subscribers (to 50 000) in 6 months.

In it, Groove’s founder, Alex Turnbull offers us his exact recipe for success and a step-by-step guide through their own wins. This post is great because it’s anything but vague – it even gives us an inside look at their own collection of onboarding emails.  If you think you emailers are lacking something, give this a look.

Tuesday, 11 Aug

Most folk don’t think about Twitter as a place to generate quality leads, but that’s a mistake. Turns out it’s an absolute goldmine for opportunities for those who know where (and how) to look.

And no, it doesn’t involve hours of trawling through your newsfeed or scrounging for hashtags, there’s a very elegant and super-effective way of doing it. This article by Heroic Search walks us through the process of generating leads, press and links using a simple but deadly automated process.

Wednesday, 12 Aug

PPC can be confusing – all that jargon, all those acronyms – if you’re a beginner we feel your pain.

And so, apparently, does B2C, which is why they’ve put together a list of FAQs which simplify and demystify the process of starting out with PPC. In it they address all those things you need to know but are too afraid to ask: from what your ad will look like and where it will appear, to how to go about keyword research. If you’re a beginner this article is a great introduction.  

Thursday, 13 Aug

Looking for new ways to win at content marketing? Aren’t we all.

Search Engine Land have put together their list of 20 useful content marketing tips and tricks that are super easy to use but often overlooked. The article, by Julia McCoy, takes us through each one, detailing them and discussing how it can and should be incorporated into your daily content practices.

Some will be brand new, some you might have heard but not implemented and all are really helpful.

Friday, 14 Aug

Noticing a decline in your blog engagement? Have a couple more people unsubscribed from your email list or unfollowed you on Twitter?

You may be falling into the trap of brand fatigue, which Rand Fishkin discusses in this week’s edition of Whiteboard Friday. As it turns out, Moz themselves have been guilty of it and Rand give you his top tips for avoiding it on various different platforms.

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