If you have a website, you should be creating content. It’s as simple as that. So then why, WHY, on earth do some businesses fail to grasp this simple (relevant, pertinent, paramount, crucial and potentially life-saving) fact?

If you’re not regularly creating content for your website you’re not doing yourself justice.

You’ll hear it from your SEO company, you’ll hear it from your business coach and, most importantly, you’ll hear it from your customers: content is a key.

To help this notion sink in, below are some juicy facts and figures about content marketing – and why those who don’t partake must be slightly, well, insane.



Content Infographic



Featured image courtesy of Brain Henry Thompson on Flickr.com



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Our resident wordsmith’s love of digital lured her over from advertising to the online space, where she fell in love with content marketing. Since coming to the online world Steph has made her mark on all outgoing CleverClicks copy and is passionate about using words to build brands. Her obsession with the writing is rivaled only by her love of trail running, yoga and green juice. When she’s not submerged in content strategy you’ll find Steph in Downward Dog.

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