SEO is a major part of digital marketing, but unfortunately, it has been plagued with fraud and tricksters who take advantage of small businesses. 

This has been especially true in Australia, where a huge trend of over-promising and under-delivering has been established, often leaving business owners ripped off.  

Lately, there has been a positive push towards the creation of regulations which aim to tackle the exploitation of small businesses by fraudulent SEO companies in Australia. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has already launched a broad digital platforms inquiry but is now being pushed to launch a specifically SEO focused inquiry as well.

The ACCC is not the only company to take action against SEO fraud. Google has in the past gone after companies which offer false Google services or claim to be associated with Google. A large number of complaints has even pushed Google to open a complaint centre, to which people can write in to highlight violations against Google policies.

Although SEO has been plagued by bogus firms, there are many talented companies out there that could do wonders for your business. This is a typical case of a few bad actors which damages the reputation of the industry at large.

Before hiring an SEO, be sure to do the relevant research, look at their current clients, and the work they’ve done. Any outrageous claim that sounds too good to be true, most likely is! The truth is that SEO takes time to make an impact, but when it does, your business will reap the rewards. So find a firm who’s in it for the long haul with a good reputation and your business will be in safe hands.

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