By now you are aware of SEO and what it is, and if you’re not here is a quick recap. 

SEO involves increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic and leads a business gets through organic search results. 

Why choose SEO?

Research shows that organic search is the largest driver of website traffic for many sectors and is one of the most crucial factors of a business’s revenue funnel. It is obvious that strong SEO and driving organic traffic is a sure way to achieve revenue targets.

The purpose of SEO is to improve rankings on search engines such as Google, which in turn creates a larger target audience to achieve a business’s goal of capturing relevant website traffic from users looking for their products or services. 

To date, organic search usage and traffic-share is rising above other channels, so much so that in 2019 organic and paid search dominated web traffic. 

Incorporating SEO into your marketing strategy is going to be extremely important in 2021 as organic search continues to rise above other traffic channels. 

Reasons to believe in SEO

Here are 10 Reasons why SEO services should always have a prominent seat in your marketing activities:

  1. Research has found that on average 83% of traffic from big search engines comes from SEO and only 17% from paid search. It is evident that organic search has the majority search share. 
  2. Although organic search dominates the majority of traffic, companies share of focus remains on paid search as 15% of web searches were owned by paid search in 2019. 
  3. A huge benefit of SEO is that once SEO rankings are earned, the duration has long term traffic equity. Therefore, the upfront resource investment has long-term effects. 
  4. There are no media costs associated with SEO traffic and can therefore provide a substantial return on investment, considerably higher than other channels. Google appreciates content that is relevant to the reader, and by optimising the content for the desired target audience you can increase organic traffic. 
  5. SEO ranking conveys trust to the consumer, therefore the traffic has a better conversion rate than other channels. Paid search lacks authenticity although it produces results quickly. Many marketers recommend using paid and SEO strategies together. 
  6. Social media works hand in hand with SEO as it helps shape the brand’s presence online and through social media content it can drive traffic to the website.
  7. People use search engines to gather information about the different businesses which offer products and services they want, thereby doing market consideration. Due to this, organic search plays a critical part of the research process. 
  8. Businesses develop useful content by focusing on SEO and linking building so that people want to distribute their content and provide online word of mouth. 
  9. Marketers are able to use SEO research to understand the users interest and to generate content that addresses and captures that interest. 
  10. SEO has a local and global reach which can acquire new and unexpected customers from all around the world. 

Why is SEO important?

From all the information provided above, it is clear that organic search still dominates all traffic sources and will continue to for some time, as people will use relevant keywords to search for your product or service offerings. 

Companies should aim to appear at the top of Google’s search results in order to drive traffic to their website and to appear at the top the right SEO techniques have to be used. Local Packs and People Also Ask have provided more opportunities for businesses to rank in new types of organic results. 

SEO is not the only tool companies can use – social media is great but it will not replace organic traffic. These various marketing tools complement one another to create a strong digital marketing strategy. 

SEO is an investment a business will not regret as it will provide you with long-term, reliable traffic to your website, increasing sales and gaining local customers. Ready to invest in SEO? Find out how we can help you with your SEO needs here.

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