Machine learning is a buzzword that’s been making the rounds a lot over the past couple of years, but is it finally becoming a reality?

With the promise of fully automated campaigns and guaranteed positive results, what’s not to like?

This question stems from a recent report released by PPC Management software company, Aquisio, on the results of their automated PPC campaigns, with some positive numbers in certain areas, but ultimately no guaranteed results just yet.

Machine learning technology has been around for some time now, even within Google AdWords itself, allowing campaigns to be “optimised for conversions” in order to get as many conversions as possible, for example; but the results have often been disappointing.

What does this mean for you?

Staying on top of industry-changing developments is integral to staying on top of your competitors. There’s nothing more foolish one can do in business than getting stuck in the old ways, and failing to adapt to the new.

This report above shows that there’s definitely huge potential in the field of automated PPC campaigns, but has also shown that the technology is not close to perfect as of yet (if there is even such thing). It shows that 36% of campaigns did not see an improvement in cost per conversion, after all.

While the potential is huge, there’s always a limit to what machine learning and automation can do. But it’s important to understand which roles can be replaced by automation, and which roles need human control.

In the areas of data-crunching and picking up on trends, automation thrives. But when it comes to strategizing, producing insights, and combining data with human psychology, people are very much the experts here.

So it is apparent that over time, the nitty-gritty manual process of PPC campaigns will be automated, which would free up time for campaign managers to focus their attention on leveraging automation more effectively.

The best you can do for now is stay on top of any new developments – Stay tuned to the 1-Thing for more!

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