Pinterest is launching a brand new feature that will help marketers optimise their ad campaigns and increase conversions.

According to a recent release of their updated user stats, Pinterest’s popularity has been growing rapidly over the past 2 years: from 63 million users in 2016 to 265 million users in 2018. The growing numbers of advertisers on Pinterest also suggest that people are no longer just browsing for beautiful images – they’ve adopted a buyers mindset while using this platform.  

Pinterest is well aware of this fact, and therefore they are introducing a conversion optimisation feature that allows advertisers to include specific CTAs on their sponsored Pin ads in order to drive conversions such as lead-generated forms, email signups, purchasing a product and checkouts.


Why Should You Care?

Up until now, Promoted Pins could only be optimised for more clicks. With the new feature, your Pins can be optimised for more specific types of conversions.

By selecting conversion as your campaign objective, Pinterest’s system will provide user behaviour templates that target the users most likely to take the desired actions on your Promoted Pins. This enables you to optimise your ads and target specific users with desired CTAs that will lead to conversions.

Find out more about the Pinterest’s conversion feature here.


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