Google’s latest features make it easier for consumers to interact with businesses online, with new integrations in online payment and booking.

Allow customers to pay online through Google

Paying online can always be a hassle for customers, which is why Google’s new online payment method comes as a breath of fresh air for businesses and consumers alike.

With its ability to save a user’s information and provide an instant check out process, integrating this feature on your website or app is a no-brainer.

It’s free to use for business, and can be implemented by your web developer without much hassle by following Google’s quick guide here.

Iphone displaying new Google feature

Updated online booking feature within Google

Back in July, Google released their Reserve with Google feature, allowing people to book online with businesses right within their Google listing.

Iphone and pay with Google

Google have announced last week that they’re making it even easier for business owners to hook this integration up directly from their Google My Business account.

It’s as easy as clicking the “sign up for bookings” button within Google My Business, and selecting a booking provider from the options listed.

Book with Google

You’ll also be able to track your online bookings stats within Google My Business, recording the number of bookings made and revenue earned through online bookings.

Why should you care?

By not integrating Google’s latest online payment and booking features within your website or app, you’re not providing the opportunity for your customers to receive the instant access to information that has become so expectant in today’s digital world.

This isn’t necessarily about standing out from the crowd, as much as it is about keeping up with them. Instant online features such as these released by Google are only becoming more prominent, and will soon become the norm for all businesses.

The Pay With Google feature is available now, with the online booking feature being made available in the US this week, soon to be rolled out to the rest of the world as well.

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Pay with Google and speed through checkout

Reserve with Google: Summer bookin’, happens so fast



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