New developments in the world of AMP have made the whole concept so much more enticing.

AMP was introduced in late 2015 allowing pages with the right setup to load almost instantly on mobile. This week has seen 3 new developments surface:

1. Instapage to offer the first AMP landing pages: Instapage has announced that they have partnered with Google to become the first landing page platform to offer AMP as an option when creating landing pages. You can get early access and read more here.

2. AMP for email is coming soon: Google announced last week that Gmail will support AMP content featured directly in people’s inboxes as of later this year. This will allow people to complete tasks directly within an email, as well as browse pages with lightning quick page-load speeds. Developers can essentially come up with their own uses for it, and can sign up for the Gmail Developer Preview here.

3. Google releases AMP stories: AMP Stories has been released as a method for publishers and news sites to publish “stories” (like those found in Snapchat and Instagram etc) as a means to inform users quickly and efficiently on mobile. Google discusses the new feature here.

Why should you care?

Advertisers using AMP earned 3x more with Google AdSense and Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange than those who didn’t use AMP.

Speed and efficiency is the way of the future, so it’s definitely worth your while to educate yourself on the benefits and opportunities with AMP, and how to make the best use of it.

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