Google’s Webmaster Trends analyst, Gary Illyes, has announced that mobile page speed will become a factor in the next mobile friendly ranking algorithm update.

Currently, in its ranking algorithm, Google uses only desktop signals to rank pages on both desktop and mobile search, but that’s about to change. For some time, it was implied that mobile page speed was already a mobile ranking factor, but clearly that’s not the case (yet). We’re likely to see mobile page speed become a ranking factor within the next few months.

Why should you care?

Well, SEO agencies, businesses and anyone with a website will want their pages to rank well on mobile devices, especially as mobile has become the primary online search device.

When the next mobile update is rolled out, those who haven’t tended to their mobile page speed risk losing their ranking positions to competitors who have.

What should you do?

To see what portion of your website traffic comes from mobile users, simply log in to your Google Analytics account, select the correct view / profile, in the left hand navigation select ‘Audience’, then select ‘Mobile’ and click ‘Overview’.

See what your website scores for page speed, and recommendations to improve that score, by using Google’s Page Speed Insights tool.

Mobile Page Speed

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