The major business-social platform, LinkedIn has announced that it is launching its own live-streaming feature.

The feature: ‘LinkedIn Live’ is similar to live-streaming seen on other platforms but is instead intended to be used for business and educational purposes, instead of social or promotional reasons.

LinkedIn Live comes as no surprise, LinkedIn has shared that its own research has shown that video content is 20 times more likely to be shared than any other content on LinkedIn. Having video be such an integral part of LinkedIn has seen the company recently invest greatly in its own video services.  

Why should you care?

LinkedIn Live is streaming with a purpose.

It allows for a space in which company Q and As, educational webinars and larger conferences can take place with ease. LinkedIn Live is a way for businesses to communicate in real-time with their clients, consumers and followers in a more professional space than other Social Media available. Product demonstrations and launches with live questioning could also take off and greatly increases the reach it has with LinkedIn Live.

When will it be available?

No rollout date has been confirmed, but user testing is underway in the US, it can be expected that once the ‘all green’ has been given, we will see a global launch, which is expected to not be far away.

This gives your business time to plan video streams, write compelling and engaging content and prepare to engage with customers on LinkedIn Live!


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