Making use of social media in your SEO strategies assists in higher page rankings which is why the list below consists of a few tips. These tips will assist you in getting a higher page ranking and improving your overall online presence and marketing strategy. 


1. Obtain the BEST Facebook page name 

This may sound like an obvious tip, but choosing the best name for your Facebook page is the most important step. However, the name is entirely dependent on the business name and how much the name can help you with SEO. 

Rahul Dass, a business development executive at Creation Infoways, mentioned that by simply adding a few key phrases which represent the business, you should be able to optimise Facebook pages for big search engines. 

The Facebook page name should not be spammy as the posts on the Facebook page aim to satisfy the customer’s needs, which results in bringing followers to engage with the Facebook post. Rahul Dass mentions that it is important to remember that the first word on the Facebook page title is the most important word for big search engines like Google.

Once the Facebook page has a punchy title, it is recommended not to change the name unless it is absolutely necessary. Consider the Facebook page title as a long-term choice because as a business you would want to use your Facebook page for SEO and by doing that it will reach more people who are searching for certain keywords. It would be detrimental to your business if you change the name when the page has a lot of visitors and followers. The aim is to have customers remember the business, and it would be a waste of time to change the Facebook page name once you have gained a place in a customer’s mind. 


2. Be specific about where to place keywords

Based on keyword research, we know it is important to use these keywords on a business Facebook page in order to optimise the page and assist in having good on-site SEO. In addition to this, Facebook limits where page owners can write large paragraphs of text, hence it is important to use those keywords in the “about” sections in order to have a pronounced company overview. 

As we know, Google always chooses what will appear on the SERPs and this is done in the form of meta descriptions. With regards to Facebook, the tech giant uses the same algorithm however, the number of likes is mentioned first then followed by the meta description. See the image below:


(Image Source: Google)


3. Ensure Facebook page status updates are optimised

Businesses generally have social media platforms to share captivating content, the same goes for on Facebook pages. It is important to take advantage of the description fields on Facebook page status updates when posting any content as this field can be used to add keywords that will make a difference in business ranking in the SERPS. 

It is guaranteed that you will increase your SEO power by doing keyword research and adding those keywords in photo descriptions, status updates, and definitely while engaging with followers. 


4. Boost Local SEO with Facebook page

Local SEO has a significant impact on the growth rate for businesses which is why it is important as using SEO on a national and international level is becoming extremely competitive. With the internet in everyone’s pocket, consumers are constantly using their smartphones for their searches, especially for local searchers. In order for local businesses to get the best online visibility, they are encouraged to adopt the correct strategy for their social media channels. For this reason, a number of businesses have adopted local SEO strategies. Additionally, local businesses are guaranteed to increase their visibility and domain authority on a local level by having a strong and consistent social media presence. 

Facebook pages encourage sharing a lot of business information, including the business phone number and address. Ad Week stated that the address, city, country, and zip code assist in indexing your business for local SEO. Consumers will only engage with businesses that they see as trustworthy, which is why adding all these details will make the business feel trustworthy by Facebook and consumers. 

All this information will give the business a chance to include more keywords as Google really cares about keywords on social media pages. Additionally, this will assist in driving relevant traffic to the website. 


Final Thoughts 

Optimising your business website is not the only online presence that needs to be optimised as Google includes all social media profiles in the SERPs. 

By now you should have an idea of how Facebook impacts SEO. As social media is primarily used to share interesting content, the description fields are the best place to use keywords in order to optimise the status. However, optimising content is just as important. Read all about how SEO and content marketing work hand in hand. It is basically the circle of SEO. Use important keywords in content that is featured on social media profiles like Facebook pages which have keywords, and the same content is also featured on the website which, you guessed it, also focuses on specific KEYWORDS!

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