Have you ever been looking at amazing products on Instagram, and wish you could just buy it right then and there? Well, now you can!

Instagram has announced their latest feature called Checkout on Instagram, which will allow users to purchase products from right within the app, as opposed to having to leave the app to purchase the product from the seller’s website.

While this is a very exciting step for both brands and consumers, it’s not the most surprising step; Instagram is one of the many social media platforms who has been slowly making their app more business and product related over the past few years, with the Checkout feature an appropriate next step.

For consumers’ convenience when purchasing a product, they will only need to enter their billing details for their first purchase, at which point they’ll be saved for any future purchases.

Another important thing to note is that Checkout on Instagram is only available in the US, and to a few select retailers on the larger scale of things, such as H&M, Prada, and Adidas, for now. But the feature is likely to be launch across other countries and be made available to more brands soon.

Why should you care?

Instagram has fast become one of the most used social media platforms worldwide, and consumers are getting used to an increased brand presence across social media and the ability to view products and make purchases without leaving an app.

While only the larger brands are able to make sales directly from within Instagrams app, this is likely a sign of things to come for businesses of all sizes from around the world. The best thing you could do for now, as a business, is to keep abreast of Instagram’s latest updates with regards to their Checkout feature and take advantage of the opportunity when you can.
And if your business doesn’t have an Instagram account yet, then this might be a good reason to start building a brand presence so that you can start selling when Checkout becomes available to you.


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