Email marketing and content marketing go hand in hand because they can help build your brand, drive customer engagement and increase revenue. However, to be truly effective in your email and content marketing efforts, it would be wise to follow the 5 T’s: Tease, Target, Teach, Test, and Track.  


You can tease your readers through your email subject line, but it is crucial to make sure you can deliver on the promise. There is a fine line between teasing the reader and click-baiting the reader.

Although clickbait-style subject lines may get higher open rates, they run the risk of jeopardising your customer relationship if you are unable to deliver.  

Another way to tease the reader is through the email content. Try to find the right balance between having sufficient copy to entice a click and not offering so much from the subject line. The saying less is more is essential in the Tease step so that you resist the urge to over-inform the reader but rather let the link to your landing page in the email do the heavy lifting.



Target is a simple step as the more the email communication is personalised for the reader, the better it will perform. Therefore, it is important to use what you know about your customers to give them content to which they are more likely to engage and respond. 



People are constantly learning new tips and tricks to make their lives easier. And this is where your brand can make a difference. By using your email as a teaching tool, you can increase customer engagement and help build your brand reputation. 



Testing is vital in any digital marketing activity. The benefit of email marketing can test different layouts in one single day, which can reap the benefits for months to come. Therefore, it is beneficial to plan out a good test plan and follow it to get the best results. 



Tracking email and content marketing campaigns is vital for the success of any business. It can show where you can make improvements over time as well as it will allow you to see exactly what content your desired target audience is engaging with the most, which can inform your decisions. It is important to note: tracking should be measured by engagement and not revenue. 


How should you implement the 5 T’s?

The ideal time to implement the 5 T’s is early on in the year when your marketing team gets together to develop and implement new strategies to boost engagement. All marketers know that one of the best ways to improve engagement is through content marketing, and if your team follows the 5 T’s, you can bet you are well on your way to success! 

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