CleverClicks staffers use Slack daily, and as a company that allows remote work we find it hard to imagine a world without Slack. And we’re not alone.

Slack has over 10 million daily active users, and is used by 65 of the Fortune 100 companies.

However, it’s not all work and no play – Slack tools can be used to help enhance company culture and automate HR practices as well.

Here are 6 tools that can be used to make your Slack part of your team.

Employee Onboarding:

Onboarding requires a lot of information sharing, plus multiple follow ups & questionnaires in the days/weeks/months after someone has joined.

Donut helps you create and implement a structured, automated onboarding process that covers everything from introducing new team members to existing staff to gathering feedback. It’s all automatically delivered through Slack to new hires, as well as managers, and mentors.

Donut is a paid app, if you want a free one that does similar tasks, Greetbot allows you to drip-feed information via Slack, and set follow up messages or schedule tasks for new recruits over the course of their first year of employment.

Facilitating Bonding:

The bigger your teams get, the less people see of one another. Groups form naturally within an organisation, and these cool extensions help you keep the cross-team socialising going without much extra effort.

Lunch Train allows people to say when they’re going to lunch, and let’s anyone in the organisation join in. Once you’ve joined the ‘lunch train’ you’ll be kept up to date with all the messages & plans.

In that way it acts like a whatsapp group – but on slack. Once the lunch is done, the lunchtrain will disappear, until you start a new one.

Donut can also be used to pair up team members who don’t know each other well. Once it pairs them, it encourages them to meet up. It pairs different people each time, and intervals for 1 – 4 weeks. This can help build relationships between employees who don’t see each other very often.

Employee Happiness:

Keeping your finger on the pulse of employee happiness is important but time-consuming, so Leo helps you automate some of those tasks via Slack.

Leo creates little staff surveys they you can schedule to be sent out on a regular basis. It collects and stores feedback (that can be anonymous if you’d like), and is a great way to survey staff on things like engagement, happiness and inter-employee relationships.

When it comes to keeping your team integrated and your culture healthy, a little bit goes a long way. Why not try some of the apps above to add a little spice to your slack experience – and help HR stay on top of things!


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