Google’s new Masterful Mobile Web feature is an in-depth report that showcases how websites get ‘full marks’ in the mobile usability department.

In the report, Google gives real-world examples of top brands in various industries and how they have passed a variety of over 60 usability tests with flying colours!

They review design, findability, page speed, and conversion optimization – just to name a few.

The example below for clearly shows that they are smashing it when it comes to registration and conversion:

Why Should You Care?

From a User Experience standpoint, this feature is a big help for marketers! It shows you exactly how Google evaluates mobile usability and what the top websites are doing right.

This allows marketers to gain valuable insights into how to optimise their own mobile pages to ensure a much more successful and engaging mobile experience for users.

Want to explore this feature for yourself? Head over to this page.


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