Google has launched a new A/B testing (A.K.A split testing) and content personalisation programmes are now out of beta and available for free.

These tools (Optimize and Optimize 360) are designed for small to mid-sized businesses and will allow users to see which pages are underperforming (it links to your Google Analytics), give them the tools to edit or create new ones and then quickly and easily A/B test those to find the best possible options.

Don’t know how to code? Not to worry, the visual editor lets people drag and page drop elements (but it is still possible to edit raw HTML or add JavaScript or CSS rules in the editor).

We’ve got to admit, this is an exciting prospect, not only because A/B testing and optimisation are such a necessary part of having an awesome website, but also because it’s Google – so chances are Optimize and Optimize 306 are going to be pretty good.

Oh, and then there’s the fact that it’s free. Previously, one has had to pay for a tool like Optimizely or Visual Website Optimiser (both of whom are likely to be feeling very nervous about this), but now users can get it for nothing.

Google are always on a quest to make the web a better place for users and this is the perfect way to do it. It gives anyone the tools they need to identify, test and improve their website.

Why Should You Care?

Google is making A/B testing and content optimisation easy, free and accessible – even small businesses who don’t have a web dev team at their beck and call.

This will allow you to make improvements to your website based on real data – data collected from your customers and data which reflects the best option for your specific website.

Google Optimise and Optimize 360 are free and available now. If you want a better website (and, um, you probably should) you should check it out. We’ve just started to play around with them and will keep you updated on any new developments.


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