The local pack you’ve been getting used to seeing might soon be a thing of the past. Google is now testing a different layout for the local pack results, here is what it will look like:

Google Local pack screenshot

The new look local pack results won’t be stacked vertically but horizontally in a scrollable carousel and a very large ‘view more’ button will display below the carousel.

According to Mike Blumenthal, all the change happening to the local pack is something businesses should keep their eyes on as they come with many optimisation opportunities.

Why Should You Care?

With the new local pack layout, consumers get exposed to other options via the fancy scroll functionality and options under your local listing that looks for similar businesses with similar attributes, for example: other coffee shops that also offer wi-fi. 

Well known businesses and brands should be a bit worried because people can now discover other businesses related to their search and to the results. On the other hand, if you are a lesser known business and your local marketing strategy is watertight, who knows, you could become the next Starbucks!

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