Google have recently published the guidelines to be followed by their quality raters in rating voice search results for specific queries.

Voice search was a core theme of digital marketing in 2017, spoken about at almost every digital marketing conference worldwide, and touched on countless times online.

What everyone’s been waiting for, however, is for Google to answer the question of how exactly to optimise content for voice search.

Google have published their first piece of information on just this, showing the public how people have been given the chance to rate some spoken answers by Google for specific search queries.


Why should you care?

It’s evident that Google will start updating their Voice Search Quality Guidelines over the course of the year, and allow digital marketers and businesses to start optimising their content for potential customers using voice search.

With an estimated 20% of searches on Google made via voice search, this is a significant chunk of potential customers who you’ll need to be optimising your content for.

You can view Google’s Evaluation of Search Speech here.

We’ll keep you posted every time these quality guidelines are updated – so watch this space!


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