Google Posts now allows businesses and organisations to update their information, pictures and events – almost in real-time – within the Google knowledge panel.

This means, for example, that if your business is running a month-long promotion you could update your information and have it show to users directly from the SERPs.

These updates can be done within your Google My Business account when you dive into a specific location that you manage.

Why Should You Care?

This gives businesses a great opportunity to raise awareness about events, updates business hours, announce new products, sales and more.

It could also be used as an additional marketing platform which will be very effective, given the fact that users don’t have to click through to your webpage to see the new and exciting information you wish to share.

As this is a very new feature we’ll have to wait and see how Google controls spammy messaging – no doubt they’ll have some strict rules and regs – but for now the future looks golden.

Apparently, at the moment not all businesses qualify for these update, so be sure to head over to Google My Business to see if you do.

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