Google has provided a new notice on Google My Business. This notice informs you that your posts on Google My Business can appear on other Google services such as Maps and Search, as well as on third-party sites.


(Image Source: Google My Business)


Twitter user Claire Carlile had brought this notice to everyone’s attention on 25 August 2021. Here is a screenshot of her tweet:


(Image Source: Twitter)


We can see from this screenshot that Google is notifying us about GMB posts. Our question, like many SEO experts, is how do they get on these third-party websites? Can people embed Google posts on these sites? Or is Google licensing this data out to Mapquest? 

Why should you care?

We are sure you are probably thinking, “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE??”

Well, we do not know how big a deal this will be yet but we are curious about which third-party websites are getting their hands on Google posts in order to display it. We will make sure to keep you informed on this topic as it transpires. Be sure to check out last week’s blog post on title tags. Google has officially confirmed it will be updating the way it generates web page titles in the search results. 

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