A picture’s worth a thousand words, so how many is a video worth?

Google’s ads have just gotten an upgrade. Although it has been in the pipeline for a while, Google has finally added a feature that’ll allow you to add YouTube video assets into your ads.

YouTube videos can now be added directly to responsive display ads and responsive search ads. A choice of up to five YouTube videos can be set per ad, allowing for the automated system to diversify the ads shown to your target consumer.  

Why should you care?

Google adding video to responsive display ads is massive development, up to 60% of online shoppers have admitted that a video has at some point been the reason for their purchase! Being able to take advantage of this could greatly increase the effectiveness of your PPC!

How can you set up a responsive video display ad?

With a few CleverClicks

1. Sign into your Google Ads account

2. On the left of the navigation panel, select Display campaigns.

3. Click on Ads & extensions.

4. Clicks the Plus button +

5. Find responsive display ad

6. Select an ad group

7.  Clicks on add videos below the images and logos

8. It is important to ensure that the video you want to show has been uploaded to YouTube, as this is the only links that work. Your video can also only be a maximum of 30 seconds or less.

9. Fill in your ad information

10. Click Save and you’re good to go!


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