Google has officially announced that AMP is coming to email (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and Mail.Ru); significantly enhancing up you email experience.

This update adds new features and capabilities that you previously would have to leave your email inbox to use. In essence, your inbox will function more like a web page and you’ll be able to view things like holiday stays, newsletters, catalogues, products and many more features – without even having to leave your email! See below:

Why Should You Care?

This is extremely beneficial in terms of user experience for both consumers and brands, as you can send and receive more interactive emails.

For marketers: The Google Amp feature will enable marketers to execute more appealing and actionable email campaigns, and allowing readers to view information without having to leave their email inbox massively reduces the user journey friction. They can interact with new products and promotions or fill out enquiry forms directly in their inbox.   

For users: The AMP feature offers users more accessibility – it allows them to actively engage with emails and websites while making the process of interaction much easier and less time consuming. No one likes a screen filled with excessive tabs – now they can do it all on one platform.

To find out more about this feature, go ahead and visit the AMP website.


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