Everyone at some point wishes they could cut down on time they spend with Google Analytics. Why wouldn’t you want to do more with less?

How often have you experienced the “hmmmm, OK, so I’ve spent 2 hours looking at data, but I am unsure it was time well spent?”

Well there are some excellent reporting shortcuts that will help you get to “actionable data” super fast.

Let’s look at an example:

One really useful report is the TRAFFIC SOURCES > KEYWORDS report. This report shows you which keywords are bringing traffic to your website.

And if you have GOALS set up (and if you don’t, you should be shot…), the report will show you which keywords are resulting in contact forms being completed, downloads being made, or newsletters being signed up to. Priceless information!

To find this report, navigate to TRAFFIC SOURCES, then the KEYWORDS tab.

If you look in the top left corner you’ll see buttons


Click “EMAIL”

You can choose to email it straight away, but more importantly, set up a recurring instruction to send this report to you & your boss on a monthly basis.

Click “SCHEDULE”,  and select the appropriate details. (It’s pretty self explanatory).


Now, every month, without even logging in to your Google Analytics account, you and your boss will receive this important report.

You can set this functionality up for other reports, and substantially reduce the hours you spend inside the Google Analytics console.


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