This past Thursday, Google announced the beta rollout of four new features that will be introduced to the Google Ads Insights page. These features are –

  • consumer interest insights,
  • audience insights,
  • change history insights and auction insights, and
  • demand forecasts.

These new features are likely to assist advertisers by providing actionable information on Google’s advertising platform.

Consumer Interest Insights

This feature accumulates and analyzes the top-performing search queries that drive performance in your campaigns, grouping them into themes and subthemes to provide you with key performance metrics for each. It reports on the number of users who searched for each theme, the theme’s current growth and performance in your account.

This will help advertisers learn more about how target customers are searching for their offerings, as well as the themes they’re interested in.

Source – Search Engine Land 2021

Audience Insights

This feature’s aim is to assist in learning about the interests of audiences that are viewing your ads and help you to better understand who your customers are by displaying the unique characteristics and behaviors of user groups who see your ads and convert.

It further enables advertisers to identify what creative aspects and copy resonate with their audiences.


Source – Search Engine Land 2021

Demand Forecasts

The demand forecasts feature will use machine learning, combined with past seasonal search trends to predict emerging search interests, instead of focusing on historical performance trends.This will help you to understand the predicted upcoming trends relevant to your business, as each forecast is personalized to your account and only displays trends based on the categories you advertise in.

This will help businesses to better anticipate what is driving the emerging trends, so that they can plan their campaigns accordingly.


Source – Search Engine Land 2021

Change History Insights and Auction Insights

The final features can be used by advertisers to better understand their auction competition or how changes made to their account can affect performance.

The auction insights report allows you to compare your performance with other advertisers who are participating in the same auctions that you are. The change history insights gives you an indication of what has changed, if there are changes made to your Google Ads view, for historical reference.

Why should you care?

As SMBs don’t always have the resources to hire a full-time pay-per-click professional or seek the help of an agency, the Google Ads’ updates over the last few years have made advertising easier, more streamlined and even made the Insights page free to use.

These new features are likely to provide actionable information to all advertisers on Google’s platform and its benefit will be greater for businesses that may not have had access to these trends before, allowing them to capitalize earlier.

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