Google is planning to add a new feature to its Google My Business listings in the form of custom service lists for service-based businesses.

How It Works

Depending on the service you provide, Google will provide a list of suggested services to list under your listing. For example, a plumber may see services like “install faucet” or “repair toilet” for their Google My Business listing.

An example of Google My Business’s Service List setup interface from a Google support thread.

By having standardised job titles, Google suggests that customers and search engine users will find it easier to find the services they need. 

On the side of the businesses setting up these service lists, adding a list of services in this way will generate more relevant leads for those services, driving conversion rates. 

For Unlisted Services

If your service isn’t listed as an automatic suggestion, GMB users can add their own custom services by following the steps below:

  1. Sign into GMB
  2. Open the listing / location you’d like to add services to
  3. Click “Info” in the menu
  4. Click “Edit” under the “Services” section
  5. Add the services you provide

Why Does It Matter?

With the rise of zero-click searches, and more types of results appearing on the SERPs (with every passing minute, it seems!) business owners need to jump on every new search results page opportunity as soon as it arises to capitalise on the new opportunity and beat competitors at being early adopters, to set themselves apart from the herd. 

Honourable Mention For This Edition Of The 1 Thing:

As always, we’ll shine a light on the silver medalist in our fortnightly 1 Thing discussion.

This time ‘round, the honourable mention goes to Gmail for rolling out support for AMP for Emails to Android and iOS devices. 
Android and iOS will be rolling out support for AMP for Email. This dynamic content feature allows users to interact with rich and lightning-fast media like forms, sliders, buttons and so on, directly within emails. The update is available to all G-Suite editions and will be set to “on” by default.


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