Everyone and their mother knows by now that page-speed and mobile optimised websites are not a thing of the future, but of the present.

Facebook has been on board the mobile-first train for a while, but have only just announced an update to their News Feed algorithm which will take into account website’s mobile usability and pagespeed for News Feed rankings.

This means that when linking to an article on Facebook, your post will be less likely to show on people’s Facebook News Feeds if the page you are linking to is not optimised for mobile (which includes having a poor mobile pagespeed).

Another cool feature of this update is that Facebook can tell whether a user has poor internet connection, which would result in that user seeing less video content (as videos would take longer to load), and more content-based pieces.

Facebook’s latest update: non-optimised mobile pages to suffer in News Feed

What this means for you:

Your website really should be mobile-optimised by now (with top-notch pagespeed) to ensure it thrives in a mobile-first world, which is just around the corner.

If a link to one of your blog posts is shared on Facebook, for example, the new algorithm will make sure not to show it at the top of their News Feed if the page is not mobile-optimise. This ultimately decreases exposure to your site, and to any of the assets you worked so hard to produce.

And if you’re posting a link from an unknown source, it could be worth checking the pagespeed of that page, just to make sure you aren’t posting a link that could hinder the great potential of your social strategy.

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