In the fast-paced saga of digital marketing, we’ve encountered a fresh twist – Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Imagine this: AI-generated content tops your search results. It’s not a sci-fi movie plot; it’s Google’s SGE, currently in the testing phase for some users in Google Labs. As digital marketers, this innovation prompts us to shift from merely vying for the top spot to captivating the AI compiling the summary.

Google search result with generative AI (SGE)

Screenshot from Google, June 2023

Google’s SGE, akin to an intelligent apprentice, is still learning. While it sometimes misses citing some sources in its overviews, we anticipate that it will soon master the art of full citation. After all, learning is part of the process, right?

Another interesting development is the appearance of sponsored results above some SGE responses. For businesses heavily reliant on PPC, this could be a golden opportunity. For the others, perhaps it’s time to revisit marketing strategies and budgets.

Google search result with SGE within the result. Paid listing above

Screenshot from Google, June 2023

Google search result with SGE within the result. Shopping results above.

Screenshot from Google, June 2023


Despite these fascinating changes, the SGE’s speed is not significantly faster than traditional search. But, with continual AI advancements, who’s to say it won’t be quicker in the future?

The shift towards AI in search isn’t just a challenge; it’s an opportunity for digital marketers. It’s a call to adapt, innovate, and grow. 

The integration of social media in SGE responses signals Google’s acknowledgement of these platforms’ importance in providing real-time, relevant answers. Imagine having a personal news agency, minus the subscription fees, bringing you the most current information.

So, as we prepare for this exciting transformation, let’s maintain our high spirits and flexibility. It’s just another day in the dynamic world of digital marketing. Remember, just as Doctor Who always finds a way out of tricky situations, we, as digital marketers, will navigate this change. After all, it’s our cup of tea!


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