Google and AMP have announced that they are developing guidelines or ‘web standards’ for instant-loading content that is ‘non-AMP’.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has been a huge buzz ever since the project was launched over 2 years ago. But there will soon be a way to achieve the same fast-loading results, without needing to rely on AMP technology, as announced on the AMP blog last week.

AMP will definitely still have an important place in the world of instant-loading web content, in the form of AMP stories and AMP integrations with Gmail, among other areas.

But Google believe they are ready to support instant-loading pages that don’t use AMP technology in the areas of Google that are better designed for this, like the Top Stories carousel, for example.


Why should you care?

Taking advantage of this down the line could be the first step towards making your website harder, better, faster, and stronger than your competitors.

There’s no doubt that you should inform your website tech team about these new developments, and have them keep a close eye on the web standards to come for instant-loading, non-AMP web pages.

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