Google Ads has just become even more influential. The tech giant Google has created a way to display your search network ads on YouTube!

It makes sense that since YouTube is part of Google, Google Ads should be able to display directly on YouTube, and now that’s finally possible! Your business can now display its products and services, not only as video ads but also interactive rich media or display and text ads, on relevant videos throughout YouTube.

If there are certain videos that you believe your target audience watch, you can easily target certain content, while at the same time bypassing content that you believe your target audience may avoid.

The new YouTube advertising tool is so powerful that you can even target your advertising on a precise video on YouTube!

Why should you care?

Google has reported that, after a few months of testing, they found that text ads on YouTube perform similarly to text ads on Google search. This shows us that text ads, related to the videos they are being advertised on, can be valuable for driving conversions or creating site traffic.  

How can you get your ads on YouTube?

With a few CleverClicks!

  1. Log in onto your Google Ads account.
  2. Select the campaign tab on the top left.
  3. Click on Display Network.
  4. Then locate +targeting, which should be located on the left, above the graph.
  5. Select the ad group you would like to show on YouTube.
  6. Click the Add targeting dropdown menu and select Placements
  7. Type YouTube in the text box, or if you want to target a specific video, +multiple placements and then the specific video URL.

Click Add. now you can close and save to implement the changes!

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