My name’s Max, and this is my story of joining CleverClicks – from the recruitment process, all the way to full team-integration.

this is my story of joining CleverClicks – from the recruitment process, all the way to full team-integration.

My Experience

The Application Experience

After weeks of online job searching, and a few fairly disappointing finds, I came across an online ad for a role as a digital marketing analyst at CleverClicks.

It looked like the perfect opportunity; a digital marketing position for a cool-sounding company with an emphasis on company culture, which I believe to be so important. On top of sending in my CV, the application required me to put together a video of myself answering a series of personal questions, as well as some questions pertaining to the job role.

Ed’s note: Although we’ll never admit it to his face, we were very impressed with Max’s video. He answered all the relevant questions skillfully and came across as calm, confident and an elegant thinker.

Later that month I received an email from Phil, the CEO, with the news that he wanted to meet me. Nothing too formal, just a lunch to get a better idea of me and my experience.

CEO and Founder of CleverClicks

The first meeting:

The meeting wasn’t actually labeled as a job interview per se, which I liked. This allowed me to approach it in a much more casual manner, and really just let Phil get to know me, while I was also given a chance to get to know him and the company he started.

He asked some casual, get-to-know-you type questions, along with some more thought-provoking questions which would better reveal how exactly I might fit into the team.

Despite the meeting going well, I wasn’t entirely sure what would come of it. Until I received an email explaining that he’d like me to prepare a 20-minute presentation for the team for the following week on a topic which he’d picked out for me.

Ed’s note: what really stood out about Max at this point, aside from his skills, was his logical and insightful way of working through problems – even when he didn’t have all the information needed to solve it. He also came across as a really warm, open and reliable person, something which he’s since proved to be absolutely true.

The presentation:

While the build-up to the presentation was slightly nerve-wracking (naturally), I remember feeling a sense of calm come over me when I stepped into the office and met the team for the first time. I’m not sure if it was the rainforest themed wall paper, or the warm welcome I received from everyone, but it all made me feel very at-home.

I was glad to not have to do the presentation like a school oral (standing at the front of the room), but rather sitting with the team at the boardroom table, successfully giving the presentation a much more casual feel.

Not to mention the fact I was given a “30-second trivia game card” right before my presentation, which did well to calm any nerves. I think I got 4/5 on the card, which boded well.

The presentation also went pretty well, and was followed by a more extensive interview with the CEO and Head of Digital Strategy.

As a final hurdle in the process, I was arranged to have a meeting with Deb, the team’s business coach of over 5 years. The CleverClicks team have weekly meetings with her to discuss work, life, and everything in between. We had a long chat about my passions, my future, and where I see myself fitting into the company. A thumbs-up from Deb was the last thing I needed.

A final decision was eventually made later that week, when I was told that CleverClicks would be delighted to have me join their team.

Ed’s Note: The team hit it off with Max right from the get-go. He is a great cultural fit and we all felt that his mind would be an asset to the team. He came across as a hard worker, yet fun and easy-going. Where we right? Well, Max is never late on a deadline, but never turns down a game of Fifa either – pretty much the ideal combo, wouldn’t you say?

We always do a 30 Seconds Card before and during our meeting agendas

30 Seconds

The application process

This application process differed from that of the others I’ve experienced by a long shot. Nothing was decided within an instance, and I always felt super comfortable.

It followed steps in a smart and logical order, allowing me to learn more about what the role would consist of, while allowing the company to learn more about me in little pieces, until they were ready to make an informed decision.

Why I think I landed the role

This one’s difficult for me to nail down. I’d like to think it was because of my winning-charm that convinced the team; but I’d say I just have the normal level of charm you’d expect from your average digital marketer.

Ed’s note: Not true! Max has far more charm than the average DM. Although admittedly not that difficult 😉

So ruling that one out, I suppose I’d say it was the fact that I persevered.

CleverClicks made us go through more stages than the average job interview, but they also made it clear that, for the right person, it’d be worth it – and they were right.

Ed’s note: we purposefully make our applications process different (and, some say, slightly longer) than other companies – but this ensures that those who aren’t really passionate about working for us and our company naturally fall away.

First week experience

The first week involved getting familiar with all the systems and processes, from project management to internal communications. I feel like I learnt everything fairly easily, with great help from everyone in the team. I never felt reluctant to ask questions when I was unsure of something.

Something that really helped me settle in are the daily status meetings we have first thing each morning. Someone asks a “tag-question” to the team, which gives us a chance to have a bit of a laugh or a think before the day starts.

We’ve had questions from “what was your most awkward experience from last year?” to “where would you travel to with a time-machine?”.

It was a really nice chance to get to know everyone, and also show them a bit of my lighter side.

What really surprised me in my first week was the realisation that CleverClicks really do walk the talk when it comes to company culture. It was obvious to me very early on how well everyone gets along, speaks their mind, and are always up for cool ideas and events. Not to mention the emphasis placed on happy and healthy living; I proposed my health-goal on day 1, and was actually helped by the team to achieve it.

Learning and skills development is also highly emphasised at CleverClicks. We spend half a day learning each week, whether it’s doing courses in digital marketing or watching webinars online. We also stand the chance to attend the biggest digital marketing conferences overseas, which a few of our team members have had the opportunity of doing a number of times.

Obstacle course in mud

One of the CleverClicks team events 

Overall experience

It’s been almost 5 months since I started, and I couldn’t be happier with how things have gone. I love how openly everyone communicates, and how helpful and understanding the team is.

What I initially thought were just great perks at CleverClicks (free coffee from the cafe downstairs, remote working days, flexi-hours, wellness coaching and Playstation tournaments with drinks on Fridays), are actually a part of how we run a smarter business. Weekly learning goes hand-in-hand with this, with everyone always looking to improve their digital marketing skills.

I’ve also really appreciated the company’s efforts in helping us achieve a great work-life balance. I’ve been able to go to appointments during the day, work from home when I feel like it’ll be more productive, and also just enjoy being in the office without it feeling like a chore.

With the months gone by, it’s great to have been given some more responsibility, with the team knowing that I’ll give it my all without needing someone to check on my every move.


Some lasting words of advice: apply to work here! Just kidding.

In all seriousness, I think it’s so important not to just take the first job opportunity that comes your way. This might be easier said than done, but nothing worth having is easy to get.

Awesome companies do exist; I held out until I found the one that was ideal for me, and you should too.

Ed’s Note: Think you’ve got what it takes to work at CleverClicks? Send a video to and find out! We’re always hungry for new talent.

The team playing some bowls


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