Big search engines such as Google can be essential to business success as people can easily find almost any kind of information they might need or be interested in. However, due to the wide variety of material available to users, it can be challenging to stand out from your competitors. 

This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes into play. SEO techniques are vital to boosting your website’s rankings to ensure it reaches as many people as possible. You might be asking yourself: “How do I know it is time for my business to start focusing our marketing efforts on SEO?” If you are experiencing any of the following issues with your business website, it is probably a sign to start investing in SEO. 


Here are 5 signs it is time to invest in SEO


1. Having a Low Conversion Rate

For every business, driving traffic to their website is important. Still, it is even more important to ensure that the traffic the website receives is doing something for the business, whether it is a purchase, subscription, or some other action. A business’s goal should be to get relevant visitors to their business website and turn those visitors into devoted customers.

Sign: If the traffic your website receives is decent, but you do not seem to be generating any revenue-generating actions, this is a sign that your website isn’t engaging with your visitors. To assist with this, SEO strategies can determine what will make your website more engaging for potential customers and provide clear and relevant information to those potential customers. These SEO strategies may involve optimising the content on your website and giving viewers a clear call to action. On the other hand, it may include ensuring that everything on the website works as it should for a smooth user experience. There are many combinations of these factors which will assist in boosting your website’s conversion rate, which will help turn visitors into loyal customers. 


2. Low Traffic

Website traffic refers to the number of visitors who are reaching your website. Suppose the number of visitors is low. In that case, it is a good sign that it is worth implementing SEO into your marketing strategy to increase your website visibility and grow the number of people visiting the website. 

Sign: Depending on how effective your content and SEO strategies are, it will increase the amount of traffic your website receives. One of the first and most important signs to look out for is a drop in traffic or difficulty building traffic. This could mean you should explore SEO or engage an SEO agency to develop these strategies. Check out the SEO services we have to offer.


3. Poor Google Search Rankings

Do you find that your business website is not appearing as one of the first websites on the Google search results page when people search for keywords related to your industry? This is a key indicator that your website is in desperate need of SEO. For a business to succeed on Google, the business website must appear high up on Google’s search results as almost nobody bothers to visit websites that appear low down. Customers are also unlikely to click past the first page of Google’s search results.

Sign: If you do not appear on the first page of Google search results, it may be time to consider implementing SEO strategies that will get you on the first page. Appearing in the search results can increase your traffic and conversion rate as more people will become aware of your website and be inclined to click on it. In addition to appearing on the search results, if the website is instantly informative and engaging, viewers will be more likely to stay on your website and explore the services and products you have to offer. 


4. Confusion About Analysing Web Traffic

Do you feel overwhelmed by the tools used to optimise your website?

You are not the only one. Many business owners may have limited experience in the online world. However, failing to utilise these tools can be a missed opportunity for you and your business. These tools explain how people interact with your business website and offer suggestions on how to improve it to further meet visitors’ needs and expectations.

Sign: It may be a sign you should look into SEO or consider hiring an agency if you are unaware of these tools and are unsure how to use them to effectively benefit your business. To succeed in the online world it is crucial that you know how your website is performing and where improvements can be made. Monitoring your website’s progress can be beneficial as there may be ways to boost your business revenue if you’re able to read and analyse the website data.


5. Confusion About Keywords

Keywords are terms people use when searching on Google. So, it’s important to target valuable keywords as it can improve your website’s traffic and inform Google and visitors of what to expect from your website. Researching what these valuable keywords are for your industry is essential and can greatly benefit your website traffic. 

Sign: If you are unsure which keywords are helpful or how to implement strategies to start ranking for them, it is a sign that your website requires SEO to improve your business’s visibility on Google. The strategy you implement to target these keywords will depend largely on what your website needs to perform well within your industry.


Now is the time for SEO

If you read the above and found that any of the above signs apply to your business website, it may be a sign that it is time for you to start exploring SEO strategies to boost your website and, ultimately, your business. Perhaps you are too busy or unsure how to implement SEO strategies; never fear; you have the option of outsourcing the work to specialists. This can be beneficial to you as it saves you time while ensuring that your website is being taken care of by experienced professionals striving to boost your website rankings and revenue-generating activities. Be sure to check out the SEO services CleverClicks has to offer.

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